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Are you permitted to stop at the red arrow in order to enter a new address into your car’s GPS?

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Stopping at this place is forbidden for two different reasons.

The first reason is that you are driving on a motorway. This is evident because you can see this road sign on the exit road:

Motorway ends (E2)

According to the Road Traffic Ordinance, the following applies on a motorway: “Vehicles may not be stopped or parked other than at places that are marked with a road sign such as those for parking or picnic areas”. This area is not marked in any such way.

The second reason is that you cannot reach this place without crossing the continuous line, which is forbidden.

In an emergency, could it be appropriate to stop there?
– Yes, but only in the event of a genuine emergency, such as your engine failing at the exact moment the video ends. Making changes to the GPS does not count as an emergency.

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