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At the end of the video, are you permitted to cross over the continuous line in the middle of the road?

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The Road Traffic Ordinance says:

A vehicle may not, with any wheel, drive onto a prohibited zone or cross a continuous line.

If particular caution is observed, however, exceptions may be made to this, if

  1. this is necessary in order for the vehicle to pass an obstruction on the road,
  2. the space at a junction is otherwise insufficient for the vehicle,
  3. a continuous line must be crossed in order to travel to or from a property or equivalent, or
  4. in the vehicle’s direction of travel, there is a broken line immediately to the right of the continuous line.”

None of these exceptions are applicable in this situation. You are not therefore permitted to cross the continuous line.

Note that, at the beginning of the video, you may cross the continuous line, because there is a broken line on your side. However, the question specifically applies to the lines at the end of the video.

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