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The time is 17.00 on a Tuesday. Tomorrow is a public holiday. Does the reduced speed limit of 30 km/h apply on this section of road right now?

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Because it is a public holiday tomorrow, today is regarded as the day before a public holiday. However, this has no significance in this situation. If specific weekdays are mentioned by name on an additional information panel, special rules apply:

Time indication (T6)
If a certain day or certain weekday is indicated, the regulation applies to this day regardless of whether the day is a weekday, Sunday or public holiday.

This means that there is a speed limit of 30 km/h on this section of road on Mondays to Fridays, regardless of whether or not it is a public holiday or the day before a public holiday.

But surely children don’t go to school on public holidays?
– This makes no difference. This is how the law has been written, and you are obliged to keep your speed below 30 km/h regardless of whether children are attending school or not.

If the panel had said “7–18”, what would apply then?
– In this event, the correct answer to the question would have been “No”, because the exception only applies if weekdays are mentioned by name.

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