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It is 19.00 on a Sunday. Are you permitted to stop in order to drop off a passenger at the place where the video ends?

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You do not need to think about the signs indicating that stopping and parking are prohibited, as these do not apply until you have passed them. At the place shown just as the video ends, which is what the question refers to, you are still ahead of these signs.

There are two reasons why stopping here is not permitted – you are too close to the pedestrian crossing, and you are too close to the road junction.

A vehicle may not be stopped or parked [...] on or within a distance of ten metres before a pedestrian crossing [...] at a junction or within a distance of ten metres from the closest edge of an intersecting carriageway.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

In the video, it is clear that you do not have a gap of 10 metres (10 metres is equivalent to the length of 2 cars). If you stopped here, you would probably be blocking the junction, and your distance from the pedestrian crossing is around 2 metres.

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