You are driving the car from which the picture is taken. How should you act?

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The reasons why you should not drive extremely close to the right edge:

  • The cyclists are far to the left = there is no reason to increase the margins between you and the cyclists.
  • A hard shoulder starts just by the cyclists = increased safety margin.
  • The possibility for you to steer over to the right decreases significantly at the 70 sign = you must in that case carry out an abrupt and possibly dangerous manoeuvre.
  • The oncoming car is so far away that you will pass the cyclists before the oncoming car reaches them (can be seen by counting the number of centre lines from you to the cyclists and from the cyclists to the oncoming car, as well as by comparing the cyclists’ size to the car – the cyclists are significantly bigger = the car is far away).

If there is no reason to do something, it is safest and best to continue as normal.

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