Do the signs indicate that the entire route to Parken Zoo is a priority road?

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The arrow’s meaning:

Direction (T12)
The panel indicates the direction to what is stated on the sign. The panel is specific to the conditions at the location.

The arrow therefore indicates that you should drive straight on to get to Parken Zoo. However, it says nothing about the type of road. The priority road sign is never erected in this way, i.e. the Swedish Transport Administration does not guarantee a priority road that lasts through several junctions by using one single start sign. After each junction, a new priority sign is placed, or you as a motorist must make an assessment; see the meaning of the priority road sign:

Priority road (B4)
The sign is erected at the start of the priority road and is repeated after each junction with a road other than such as referred to in Chapter 3, Section 21, second paragraph of the Road Traffic Ordinance, if it is not otherwise clear that the priority road continues after the crossing.

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