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You would like to pass these pedestrians. Which statement is true?

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When doing so is necessary for the prevention or avoidance of danger, a driver shall use sound or light signals, or another appropriate method, to gain the attention of other road-users.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

If the pedestrians cannot hear your car, a dangerous situation could arise. A pedestrian could suddenly change position and end up in front of your car as you overtake them. Ensuring the pedestrians are aware that you are coming is important for everyone’s safety.

There is still some distance to travel before you will be ready to pass the pedestrians. It is quite likely that they will hear the sound of your car when you get closer without you needing to sound the horn. But if they do not hear your, it is appropriate to use your horn.

Flashing with your full-beam headlights is another way of attracting attention. However, it would not work here because of the daylight.

What if I scare the pedestrians by sounding my horn?
– It is better for them to be scared than to be run over! It is mainly if horses are involved that sounding your horn should be avoided (a startled horse could unseat its rider).

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