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Which statement is true for the site in front of you at the end of the video?

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To answer this question, the most important consideration is to look at what is not present at the site. There are no road signs and no road markings that indicate a pedestrian crossing, a bicycle crossing or a bicycle passage.

For you as a car driver, there is no difference if a pedestrian or cyclist chooses to cross the road here or if they had chosen to cross at the beginning of the video. You do not have an obligation to give way, and the greatest responsibility lies with the person who is crossing the road. In addition, it appears that cyclists actually have an obligation to stop (the backs of Stop signs are visible).

Why are there places that look like pedestrian crossings that are not actual crossings?
– Pedestrian crossings may give a false sense of security and are not always appropriate in a particular traffic environment. The site featured in the video is on a busy road and is very close to an entry/exit road for the E4 motorway. The design and layout of this site causes drivers to reduce their speed while also signalling to pedestrians that they need to be careful, because the security offered by an actual pedestrian crossing is missing.

Am I permitted to stop to allow a pedestrian or cyclist to cross, if I want to?
– Yes.

Am I permitted to continue driving even if a pedestrian begins to cross the road?
– No. Although you do not have an obligation to give way, you are never permitted to cause a dangerous situation. The Road Traffic Ordinance states: “In order to avoid traffic accidents, a road-user must exercise the care and caution that is necessary with regard to the circumstances”.

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