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When does the blue and white 50 sign cease to apply?

Generally, you should go by the last posted road sign, i.e. by the 50 sign for a few metres and then by the 70 sign. However, this is a special case. The blue and white sign Recommended lower speed applies until a posted end sign or until it is “otherwise clear that the stretch has ended.” (Swedish Transport Agency)

Recommended lower speed (E11)
The sign indicates a stretch of road or an area where specific measures have been taken or where conditions are such that it is advisable to drive at a lower speed than the maximum permitted speed. The recommended lower speed is indicated on the sign.

Recommended lower speed ends (E12) (end sign)
The sign does not need to be posted if it is otherwise clear that the stretch comes to an end.

In the situation depicted, it is obvious that the 50 sign applies even after the 70 sign, as it is evident that there are roadworks ahead and that the stretch does not come to an end at the 70 sign.

But would not the alternative “Only when you pass an end sign informing you that the recommended lower speed ends.” also be correct?
– No, since it says “only”. An end sign does not have to be posted, which means that the sign can cease to apply in one of several ways and not “only” at an end sign.

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