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Images may be missing and the information may be dated.

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The sign that the additional panel refers to has disappeared. What conclusion can you safely draw?

An additional panel has the same colour background, border and writing as the road sign it is used under, unless otherwise specified in Section 30. However, an additional panel underneath a sign prohibiting parking or a sign prohibiting parking and stopping will have a yellow background with black writing.” (Traffic Sign Ordinance)

Review of the options:

  • The missing sign is a warning sign.
    – Wrong, the warning signs are red and yellow.

  • The missing sign is not an instruction sign.
    – Wrong, there are white and blue information signs, so it could be an information sign.

  • The missing sign is not a prohibitory sign.
    – Correct, there are no blue and white prohibitory signs (also see the special colour rules for prohibition against stopping/parking in the quote above).

  • The missing sign is a priority sign.
    – Wrong, the give way signs come in many different colours, so it is impossible to know for sure.

Is this relevant?
– Yes, reality is imperfect and you have to be able to draw conclusions even if you are given incomplete information. There are indications that similar questions may appear on the Swedish Transport Agency’s test.

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