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You are driving the car from which the picture is taken. Half way into the curve, you spot a couple of small animals on the side of the road. How should you act?

Review of the options:

  • Maintain your speed and ignore the animals, as small animals pose no danger.
    – Bad option, animals are to be respected.

  • Maintain your speed and honk your horn to scare the animals off.
    – Bad option, the animals are at the side of the road. If you use your horn, they may get scared and run out in front of your car. In addition: If you do sound the horn, you should absolutely lower your speed to be prepared if they run out into the road.

  • Safely lower your speed, with particular attention to any vehicles behind you.
    – Good option, you take the animals into consideration while also realising that braking suddenly can lead to vehicles behind you crashing into you (personal injuries). True, vehicles behind you are supposed to keep their distance, but being “in the right” will not be much comfort when an accident happens.

  • Stop right away (brake suddenly).
    – Bad option, this is a traffic hazard, especially after a curve with obstructed visibility. You must show respect for animals, but human safety is a higher priority.

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