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The black car is about to overtake the white car. Is this permitted on this motorway?

Overtaking must be done on the left side, aside from in the situations referred to in Section 7, fourth paragraph. “Overtaking shall, however, be done on the right when the driver of the car in front is turning left or is clearly preparing for such a turn.” (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

Section 7, fourth paragraph: “On a road where the maximum permitted speed is 70 km/h or lower and the carriageway has at least two lanes for traffic in the same direction as indicated by road markings, the driver may use the lane that is most suitable in regard to reaching their destination.

There are also three other exceptions to the prohibition against overtaking on the right:

In the following cases, it is not considered overtaking when a vehicle in one lane passes a vehicle in another lane:
1. if the carriageway has two or several lanes in the same direction and there is heavy queue formation in all lanes,
2. if the carriageway is divided into lanes for different destinations that are marked with lane assignment signs, or
3. or if the vehicles were in separate lanes in conjunction with a junction.

Nothing in the picture suggests that any of the exceptions are fulfilled. It is therefore not permitted for the black car to overtake.

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