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The black car to the left of the picture has just carefully passed the cyclist in the roundabout. What do you think about the manoeuvre?

There are no clear rules stating exactly what you can and cannot do in this situation. However, there are strong indications that it was appropriate to pass the cyclist:

  • Cyclists may always be overtaken in junctions. “Two-wheeled vehicles without a sidecar may [...] be overtaken.” (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance).
  • It looks like there are wide enough margins to pass safely.
  • The alternative would be to drive at a snail’s pace behind the bicycle, which would disrupt the rhythm of the traffic. The motorists would become stressed and the cyclist would become stressed in a negative way = increased risk of accidents.

But is a roundabout really a “junction”?
– There is no clear answer to this. “The term ‘junction’ is not defined [...] but classifying a roundabout as a junction is not ruled out.” (Supreme Court). When there are no clear rules, it is appropriate to refer to rules for similar situations. Overtaking in a junction and overtaking in a roundabout can be viewed as similar situations.

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