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Is it permitted to temporarily drive out on the hard shoulder in the situation in the picture?

On a road, the hard shoulder shall be used
1. when travelling by bicycle or class II moped when there is no bicycle path,
2. when travelling by class I moped,
3. when travelling in a vehicle designed for a maximum speed of 40 km/h or which may not be driven faster than 40 km/h, or
4. by those driving a vehicle pulled by an animal, riding a horse, or leading or driving cattle.

If needed in order to facilitate accessibility for other traffic, the hard shoulder may be used temporarily, including transit with other vehicles. If the carriageway has been demarcated with a solid edge, the hard shoulder may only be used in the situations indicated in the first paragraph [the four points above].
” (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

There is nothing to suggest that the hard shoulder is a bicycle path, and this option also seems formally incorrect. Either it is a hard shoulder, or it is a bicycle path – not both at the same time.

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