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Are you permitted to continue forwards, over the pedestrian crossing, at the moment at which the video ends?

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Red (SIG1)
Stop. A vehicle may not pass the stop line or, in the absence of such, the signal. A signal with an arrow outline only applies to the direction or directions indicated by the arrow.

Run-through of the alternative answers:

  • Yes, because the pedestrian has already passed across my lane.
    – Wrong. The red signal means that you must stop, regardless of where the pedestrian is.

  • Yes, because it is a controlled pedestrian crossing.
    – Wrong. It is true that the pedestrian crossing is controlled by the traffic signals. However, the signals are red, which means you are required to stop.

  • No, because the pedestrian is still on the road.
    – Wrong. It is the red signal that prohibits you from driving on.

  • No, because the traffic signal is showing red.
    – Correct. You are always required to stop for a red signal.

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