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You are parking here at 13.00 on a Saturday. What is the latest time you must move the car?

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Because all the stated times are included on the same additional panel, they shall be read together. The 3-hour limit only applies between 08.00 and 18.00 (08.00 and 15.00).

As you are parking at 13.00 on a Saturday, there are only 2 hours left until the time restriction ends at 15.00. After 15.00 on a Saturday, the additional panel ceases to apply. Instead, you must comply with the general rules that apply to a ‘P’ (Parking) sign. These rules permit parking “for a maximum of 24 consecutive hours during weekdays excluding weekdays preceding a Sunday or a public holiday” (Road Sign Ordinance). In this example, you are not affected by the 24-hour rule, because you are parking on Saturday–Sunday.

At 08.00 on Monday, the additional panel will begin to apply again. However, the additional panel has no “memory” – i.e. you will be granted a new period of 3 hours, even though your car has not been moved all weekend. In other words, you are permitted to park here until 11.00 on Monday.

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