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You are driving on a country road. Due to a load on the roof, you are driving 15 km/h slower than the speed limit, which means that a queue has formed behind you. How should you act?

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Not paying attention to the queue is unwise. You may indirectly cause an accident if an annoyed and stressed driver tries you overtake you, or the car right behind you is not keeping a proper distance.

Speeding up is not good either, as you probably have made the assessment that driving any faster would not be safe.

The safest thing for all involved is if you move into a parking space to let the queue pass you.

Section of law that can be (but is not necessarily) applicable in this question: “If a vehicle is driving slowly or taking up a large space in a lane that is narrow, winding or where there is a significant amount of oncoming traffic, the driver shall facilitate overtaking by reducing their speed and, if necessary, pull their vehicle aside as soon as possible.” (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

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