Which alternative applies at a railway crossing where there are regular traffic lights (red, amber and green) but no gates?

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Overtaking is not allowed just before or on a level crossing, except when
1. the crossing is gated, or
2. the traffic in the crossing is regulated through such traffic signals as are used in regular junctions.

(Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

It is thus enough for the crossing to have either gates or traffic lights for the overtaking prohibition to be made invalid. The question specifies that the crossing has traffic lights, which means that there is no prohibition to overtake. Note however that it has to be the right type of traffic lights, see more below.

Signal device
This type of signal device is enough to cancel out the overtaking prohibition, as it is a red, amber and green traffic signal.

Signal device
This type of signal device is not enough to cancel out the overtaking prohibition, as it is the regular signal that is posted at nearly every railway crossing.

Gates Signal (red, amber, green) Allowed to overtake
Yes Yes All vehicles
Yes No All vehicles
No Yes All vehicles (same as in the question)
No No Two-wheeled vehicles only

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