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How should you behave in this situation, with regard to the pedestrians?

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The safety of unprotected road-users is always more important than a prohibition against stopping. It should also be mentioned that stopping to allow people to use a pedestrian crossing does not count as stopping in this sense.

The stopping of a vehicle refers to being stationary that [...] is not in order to avoid a dangerous situation [...] is not the result of traffic conditions” (The Swedish Transport Agency).

Two quotes from the Road Traffic Ordinance:

At an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing, a driver has an obligation to give way to any pedestrian who has stepped onto or is just about to step onto the pedestrian crossing.

Drivers who have an obligation to give way must clearly show their intent to do so by, in good time, reducing their speed or stopping. The driver may only drive on if, with consideration to the positioning of other road-users, the distance to them, and their speed, doing so does not cause any danger or obstruction.

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