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You want to overtake the cyclist. What is the most important consideration?

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Run-through of the alternative answers:

  • To complete the overtaking manoeuvre as quickly as possible.
    – Wrong. There is no reason that the speedy completion of the overtaking should be of greatest importance. It is more important that the manoeuvre should be executed as safely as possible.

  • To leave a large amount of space to the side.
    – Correct. The cyclist is an unprotected road-user to whom you must show great consideration. You must leave a large amount of space when overtaking cyclists, particularly as they may sometimes wobble or deviate from a straight line.

  • To not increase my speed in conjunction with the overtaking.
    – Wrong. It may sometimes be appropriate to increase your speed – for example, if there are oncoming vehicles further ahead.

  • To not scare the cyclist by using my horn.
    – Wrong. It may even sometimes be appropriate to use your horn, if you suspect that the cyclist is not aware of your presence. The Road Traffic Ordinance states that: “When doing so is necessary for the prevention or avoidance of danger, a driver shall use sound or light signals, or another appropriate method, to gain the attention of other road-users.

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