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You are driving a regular private car. Is there room for you to park in the zone indicated by the parking (P) sign?

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The length of a regular private car is usually a little under 5 metres. The van that is already parked by the P-sign is perhaps a little more than 5 metres in length. This means that you can park and leave a space roughly equivalent to another car-length. In other words, the length of this parking zone should make it possible for 3 cars to be parked at the same time.

It is good if you have basic awareness of distance and car-lengths. If there were already 3 cars parked in the space featured in the video, you would immediately know that there is no room for you.

This awareness is also helpful in other situations – for example, with regard to the rule of not parking within 10 metres before a pedestrian crossing. You can assess the distance more easily by equating it to ‘two regular car-lengths’.

For further perspective, the length of a regular bus is generally around 15 metres.

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