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You want to turn right towards Herstadberg. The speed limit is 80 km/h. Which statement is true if a bus approaches in the lane to your right?

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This situation shall be treated in the same way as a regular change of lane. This means that the driver who is changing lane has the greatest responsibility, and may only change lanes if it is possible to do so without causing a hazard or an unnecessary obstruction.

Run-through of the alternative answers.

  • The bus must give way to me, because the lane reserved for buses ends.
    – Wrong. There is no sign in the video, nor any general rule, that indicates this.

  • I must give way to the bus, in accordance with the priority-to-the-right rule.
    – Wrong. The priority-to-the-right rule does not apply to lane-changes.

  • The bus must give way to me, because the speed limit is 80 km/h.
    – Wrong. This rule only applies for buses that are standing still at bus stops.

  • I may only turn if doing so does not cause a hazard or an unnecessary obstruction for the bus.
    – Correct. “A driver may only start from the side of the road, change lanes or otherwise change the lateral positioning of the vehicle if it is possible to do so without causing a hazard or an obstruction to other road-users.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

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