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You would like to park on the section of road to which the parking sign applies. Which statement is true?

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It is true that, according to the Road Traffic Ordinance, you are not permitted to park “at a junction or within a distance of ten metres from the closest edge of an intersecting carriageway”. But the Ordinance also states that: “If an instruction represents a deviation from a traffic rule, the instruction takes precedence over the rule”. The parking sign is an instruction that takes precedence over the 10-metre rule.

The full order of precedence is as follows:

  1. Signals by police officers
  2. Traffic signals
  3. Road signs
  4. Rules (e.g. the 10-metre rule)

You do not therefore need to think about the distances, because the road sign takes priority over the rule. It can be assumed that the decision to place the parking sign here was based on the evaluation that it is appropriate to park on this section of road, probably because the road is wide.

But surely I’m not allowed to block the exit road?
– That is correct, but the question asks whether you can park “on the section of road to which the parking sign applies”. If you park there, you will not be blocking the exit road.

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