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Is a regular category B driving licence sufficient to be allowed to use a private car to pull a trailer with a total weight of 500 kg?

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Light trailer:

  • Trailer with a maximum total weight of 750 kg.
  • Trailer where the maximum total weight for car + trailer is 3.5 tonnes.

The two points above should be literally viewed as two different points. If the first point is fulfilled (maximum weight 750 kg), you do not even need to look at the second point.

Can be driven with a B driving licence: “A private car with a maximum total weight of 3.5 tonnes, a light truck and a trailer coupled to such a vehicle.” (Swedish Transport Agency)

According to current regulations, you are always allowed pull a trailer weighing at most 750 kg with a category B licence, while a heavier trailer may only be pulled if the total weight of the car + trailer does not exceed 3,500 kg”. (Swedish Transport Agency)

The above quote should be interpreted as following being allowed: a private car weighing 3.5 kg + light trailer weighing 500 kg = total of 4,000 kg. The 3.5-tonne rule only applies if the trailer’s total weight exceeds 750 kg.

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