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Which statement is true with regard to your obligation to give way to road-users on the priority road?

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Give way (B1)
The sign indicates that a driver is obliged to give way to a vehicle on the intersecting road”.

There is nothing that indicates that you must stop before the road sign. The most important thing is that you have good visibility and can make an assessment of the traffic situation. It also appears that these road lines are painted on the road further ahead:

Give way line (M14)
This marking indicates the line that a vehicle should not pass when the driver is observing the obligation to give way.

The lines are, however, very worn, and your ability to answer the question does not depend on your having seen them. The right answer would still be correct even if these lines were not there.

The fact that other road-users may be exceeding the speed limit has no impact on your obligation to give way. Certainly, this could represent an extenuating circumstance for you in the event of a collision, but you still have the obligation to give way.

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