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You intend to turn right at the junction. How should you think if there is a cyclist at point A who intends to continue to point B?

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The first two alternative answers can be dismissed straight away. This is because both bicycle crossings and bicycle passages must, by law, be “indicated by road markings” (a bicycle crossing also has an accompanying sign).

Bicycle passage or bicycle crossing (M16)

Bicycle crossing (B8)

None of these exist at this site.

The Road Traffic Ordinance states that: “On bicycle paths, cyclists and drivers of class II mopeds shall be given priority by drivers of other vehicles”.

Compulsory path for pedestrians, cyclists and moped drivers (D6)

It is, however, not clear that you will be crossing a bicycle path. Either …

  • … you will be crossing a path for cyclists and pedestrians,
  • … the path for cyclists and pedestrians ends at the road junction and begins again on the other side.

It is very hard to decide which is correct. Not even the Swedish Transport Agency’s own experts are able to give a clear statement – instead, they refer to the detailed plan of the local municipality. An almost identical situation could occur with a continuous bicycle path (car drivers must give priority) in one municipality, and a bicycle path that ends at the road junction (car drivers do not need to give priority) in another municipality.

However, the Swedish Transport Agency has said that: “A bicycle path does not generally cross a road/street”. So, presumably the bicycle path ends before the junction. In this case, the cyclist will have an obligation to give way to you. But because the situation is not 100% certain – and because the cyclists are unprotected road-users – you should always show great consideration in situations such as these.

Surely it is unreasonable to check the municipality’s detailed plans when I find myself in this type of situation in traffic?
– Yes. It is therefore best to be on the safe side and to be sure to not cause any danger to cyclists. It is better to stop and allow one too many cyclists to pass safely than to allow one too few!

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