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You want to make a turn with a vehicle that has no indicator. How do you signal your intention?

If the vehicle has no indicator, the driver shall instead signal their intention by extending their arm.” (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

The ordinance does not specify driving a car, only driving “a vehicle that has no indicator.” “Category B also gives the licence holder the right to drive
- a Moped class I (EU moped), a tractor, heavy equipment class I and class II as well as two and three-wheeled heavy motorcycles
- Terrain scooter (if the licence was issued before 1 January 2000)
” (Swedish Transport Agency & Swedish Transport Administration)

It can thus be another type of vehicle.

As the question does not specify the type of vehicle you are driving, it is unnecessary to speculate on tricky situations, for example signalling the intention to turn right when driving a car without indicators.

A clear placement is always good, but in this case, the alternative with the extended arm is still the correct one, as this is what the law specifies.

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