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Is it suitable to follow the traffic rules in all situations, with no exceptions?

Drivers should generally respect the rules, but traffic is very complex and every situation is unique in some way. For this reason, the regulations cannot cover every possible aspect, and in these situations, experience and consideration come into play.

According to the curriculum for a category B licence, you must display “good judgement when interacting with other road users.” A reasonable interpretation of this statement is that you may depart from the rules in some cases.

The cogwheel principle is not included in any legislation for example. And yet, the Swedish Transport Administration, the National Society for Road Safety and FMK all recommend using it in certain situations.

There is no simple answer to when the rules may be disobeyed; you must assess each individual situation as it arises. However, here are three general points that should be fulfilled:

  • It should benefit the traffic situation as a whole (for example smoothly reducing a queue using the cogwheel principle).
  • Everyone involved should be aware of what is happening (caution, eye contact and clarity).
  • Never deviate from the rules by “helping yourself”, instead be the one who gives way to others.

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