Theory test – knowledge exam for a category B licence

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The theory test is the test used by the Swedish Transport Agency to assess your theoretical knowledge of traffic. The theory test costs 325 kr and is taken at the Swedish Transport Agency. The test is officially known as a knowledge exam.

You have to have completed risk training part 1 and skid training before you can take the theory test.

To take the driving test, you must have passed the theory test.

The theory test is valid for 4 months. If you do not pass your driving test in that time, you must do the theory test again.

What questions are asked in the knowledge exam?

According to the Swedish Transport Agency, the following distribution of questions per knowledge category is currently used in the knowledge exam for a category B licence.

Category Number of questions (65 in total)
Vehicle knowledge, manoeuvring 7
Environment 5
Traffic safety 16
Traffic regulations 32
Individual circumstances 5

The theory test


When you arrive at the driving test office, you are to have your picture taken at the photo booth. It takes a number of photos and you then get to choose which one you like. There may be a queue for the photo booth, so arrive in good time before the test.

After having your photo taken, you write your signature on a digital tablet. The receptionist will then show you the signature and photo on their computer screen. You will be allowed to rewrite your signature a few times if you are not happy with it.

The test

  • ID check before the start of the test.
  • The test is taken on a computer and is available in several languages as well as having the questions read aloud.
  • The test time is 50 minutes.
  • 65 questions + 5 trial questions (the trial questions are used to evaluate the test and do not count towards your result).
  • 52 correct answers out of 65 (80%) is required to pass.
  • If you have specific reasons, you may be allowed to take the theory test verbally or with an interpreter. The test time can also be extended.
  • Calculators are permitted as of 2014. These are available at the test premises, so you should not bring your own.

Schedule theory test

Scheduling of knowledge exams and practical tests can be done in two ways. Either have your driving school book them for you, or do it yourself online.

Remember to book in good time (several months ahead) as there may be long queues.

Practise mock theory test

Kö has mock theory tests for practise. There are theory tests in English, theory tests in Swedish and theory tests in Arabic.

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Theory test with video questions

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