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Risk training part 1 for a category B driving licence

Risk training part 1 is part 1 of the mandatory risk training for a category B driving licence (part 2 is skid training).

Risk training (part 1)

During the course, you learn about the risks involved with, for example, alcohol, drugs and tiredness in traffic.

The course is conducted at a traffic school (list of approved course providers) and is to be at least 3 hours long. The price for the course is around 400–800 kr and the period of validity is 5 years.

After this risk training element you will be familiar with

  • Drunk driving, drug abuse and tiredness:
    • Scope.
    • Risks.
    • Consequences.
    • Effect on the body (short and long term).
    • Avoidance (both personally and to stop others).
  • The rules regarding drunk driving and tiredness in traffic.
  • The accident risks among different groups (men-women, young-old).
  • How passengers, mobile phone conversations, stress, etc., affect you as a driver.
  • How behaviour and attitudes impact traffic.

Practice theory tests

Theory test on Kö Free demo – try 65 questions

Last updated 2021-01-22.