Driving licence forms

Before you can start taking driving lessons you must fill in some forms.

Only at a driving school or private lessons also?

If driving lessons will only take place at a driving school, it is enough to fill in the form used to apply for a learner’s permit and the health declaration (including eye test).

Private driving lessons also require a supervisor form and a certificate showing that the student and supervisor/s have completed an introduction course.

Apply directly online

An application for a learner’s permit must be supplemented with an optician’s certificate proving adequate eyesight. For the fastest possible processing time, choose an optician that will sent an electronic certificate directly to the Swedish Transport Agency. If the optician is unable to do so, a paper form must be used.

You can also pay the fee by card or internet bank directly in conjunction with the application. Otherwise you will receive a payment form by post.

Theory test with video questions

Video questions – Swedish theory test Free demo – try the questions