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Driving lessons

Driving lessons at a traffic school or privately for a category B licence require that you are at least 16 years old. It is also required that you have a valid learner’s permit and a supervisor who is approved by the Swedish Transport Agency.

Start taking driving lessons early and in an effective manner

Driving lessons

Private or at a traffic school?

To obtain the most effective training, it is recommended by, among others, the Swedish National Association of Driving Schools that you combine lessons at a traffic school with high-intensity training at home.

Statistics also show that traffic school students have a greater chance of passing the Swedish Transport Agency’s tests than private learners.

Avoid incorrect learning

Many people begin taking some driving lessons privately when they are 16 years old. It feels safe to drive with a parent in the beginning and there is often no talk of a driving school; there are more than two years left to the practical driving test!

The risk with early private lessons is that you learn the essential basics incorrectly. The parents probably obtained their driving licence 20 years ago and are probably good drivers. However, the requirements have changed since then.

The theory is also an important part. Ensure therefore that you have access to theory books and theory tests / theory questions.

Early contact with a traffic school

You do not need to take one lesson a week for two years at a traffic school. Rather 1–2 lessons just after you have learned to drive the car forward without the engine stalling.

During these lessons you will learn the essential basics, such as mirror adjustments and correct driving position as well as economic and safe braking. Learning this first after two years of private lessons is not recommended.

Intense driving lessons 2–3 months before the practical driving test

When it is time for you to “seriously” start driving training and theory is an individual decision. 1–2 lessons a week, 2–3 months before the practical driving test should, however, be adequate for most people, given the waiting times when booking driving lessons and the driving test.

There are also intensive courses where you spend one or a few weeks at a driving school all day, working at a high pace.

Requirements and rules for the actual driving

Age requirement for driving lessons

Vehicle Age
Private car 16 years old
Light lorry 17 years and 6 months old
Private car and light lorry with light trailer 17 years and 6 months old

Student driver sign

A student driver sign is to be visible on the vehicle during lessons. Private students have a green sign with the text ÖVNINGSKÖR and traffic schools have a red sign. Student driver signs can be bought at most petrol stations.

The car's equipment

There are no special requirements regarding a private car used for driving lessons. However, the traffic schools’ cars are equipped with extra rear-view mirrors and a dual-command system (accelerator, brake and clutch on the passenger side). Naturally, it is best if the private car is also equipped with these things. However, a dual-command system can be expensive and complicated to install, but an extra rear-view mirror inside the car should be reasonable for most to arrange.

The supervisor is considered to be the driver

During driving lessons, the supervisor is considered to be the responsible driver. This means, for example, that the car insurance is not affected by a student driving the car.

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