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Loss of driving licence

The police confiscates your driving licence

The police may confiscate your driving licence out on the road if they suspect you of a traffic violation (such as speeding or drunk driving). The traffic police may, depending on the circumstances, allow you to keep driving for 48 hours after the confiscation of your driving licence.

The Swedish Transport Agency revokes your driving licence

After confiscating your driving licence, the police will send it to the Swedish Transport Agency, where they decide whether or not to revoke it. The Swedish Transport Agency will afford you an opportunity to tell your side of the story. You will also be asked how important it is to you to have a driving licence.

The Swedish Transport Agency may decide to revoke a driving licence in the following situations:

  • Drunk driving, aggravated drunk driving (gross drunk driving) or gross reckless driving.
  • Absconding from the scene of a traffic accident.
  • Repeated traffic violations, such as speeding.
  • Violation of an important traffic rule, for example running a red light, overtaking at a pedestrian crossing or non-compliance with an obligation to stop.
  • Doubts about sobriety.
  • Found guilty of a serious crime (not necessarily traffic-related).

Lost or stolen driving licence

If you lose your driving licence, you shall report the loss to the Swedish Transport Agency. After receiving such a report, the Swedish Transport Agency sends you a form to fill in. You are allowed to drive before your new driving licence arrives, just make sure to bring ID.

Renewal of driving licence

Your driving licence shall be renewed every 10 years. The Swedish Transport Agency sends you a “driving licence renewal document” in good time.

The licence shall also be renewed if any information changes, such as a new licence category or name change. You will automatically be sent a renewal form if the change has been registered with a government authority (for example after marriage).

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