Theory test

Do you have an obligation to give way to the white car coming from the left?

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You are driving on a priority road, which is made clear on the right-hand side at the end of the video. At the start of the video, you can also see the back of a ‘Priority road’ sign.

Priority road (B4)

You can also see the back of this sign on the road from which the white car is coming:

Give way (B1)

Run-through of the alternative answers:

  • Yes, because the white car is coming from the left.
    – Wrong. Although there is no such thing as a priority-to-the-left rule, this is not important. You do not have an obligation to give way, because you are driving on a priority road.

  • No, because I am driving on a priority road.
    – Correct. See the road sign at the start of the video.

  • Yes, because I am driving in the wrong lane, due to the parked cars.
    – Wrong. It appears that there is still room for oncoming cars to pass, even though it is congested. However, this makes no difference with regard to the white car, because it has an obligation to give way to all of the priority road. This also applies if you are driving in the lane of oncoming traffic.

  • No, because the speed of the white car is too high.
    – Wrong. The white car’s speed does not affect the obligation to give way.

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