Theory test

You are driving at around 70 km/h. What do you think about your distance from the car in front of you?

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The three-second rule is a useful tool for calculating a reasonable distance. Choose a stationary point of reference (e.g. the overhead steel construction seen at the start of the video). Start counting when the car ahead passes the reference point, and stop counting when you reach the same point. If it takes you 3 seconds to get there, the distance is good.

In theory, the distance cannot be too large – the safest option of all would be to have the whole road to yourself with nobody ahead of you. In urban environments, however, it is hard to maintain a very large distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you. If you reduce your speed (in this example, to increase the distance), you will almost certainly be overtaken and will then be forced to reduce your speed even more to increase your distance from the car that has just overtaken you.

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