Theory test

You are passing a 14-metre long bus on a sunny day in May. Just as you pass the rear of the bus, a child runs out in front of the bus. What is the maximum speed that would allow you to stop in time, if you react within 1 second?

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First, consider the calculations of stopping distance, reaction distance and breaking distance.

A “sunny day in May” = assume that the condition of the road is normal/good.

You must try the different options. 70 km/h feels like it is too fast. 30 km/h seems more reasonable. Try 30 km/h first:

Reaction distance:

  • remove the zero in the speed * reaction time * 3
  • 3 * 1 * 3 = rounded to 9 metres

Braking distance:

  • remove the zero in the speed * remove the zero in the speed * 0.4
  • 3 * 3 * 0.4 = 3.6 metres

Stopping distance:

  • reaction distance + braking distance
  • 9 + 3.6 = 12.6 metres
Speed Stopping distance
70 km/h 40.6 metres
50 km/h 25 metres
30 km/h 12.6 metres (closest to 14 metres)
20 km/h 7.6 metres

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