Which is the maximum permitted speed after the signs indicating a road narrowing from both sides?

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Recommended lower speed (E11)
The sign indicates a stretch of road or an area where specific measures have been taken or where conditions are such that it is advisable to drive at a lower speed than the maximum permitted speed. The recommended lower speed is indicated on the sign.

In the quote above, note the wording “lower speed than the maximum permitted speed”. This means that the maximum permitted speed is determined by the regular speed sign, i.e. 70 km/h in this case.

But do I not have to drive slower than 70 km/h if, for example, there are road workers near the road?
– Yes, however, “the maximum permitted speed” (which is the subject of the question) should be interpreted as “how fast are you allowed to drive at the very most under perfect conditions”. This particular question does not relate to making an assessment, but simply to understanding the sign.

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