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You intend to turn in the same direction as the bus, and your assessment is that the intersecting road is free of traffic at the point at which the video ends. Which statement is true?

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A driver who has the obligation to stop [...] must stop at the Stop line.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

You must always stop at the Stop line before turning onto an intersecting road. It makes no difference if you adjudge the intersecting road to be free of traffic at the point when the video ends. Neither does it make any difference that the vehicle ahead of you has just stopped. Even if there is a queue of 100 cars, every one must stop before they can drive on.

There is nothing in the law that says that you must stop for a certain amount of time. If you make the assessment that it is safe to drive on after 2 seconds, then that is fine. On the other hand, you could be stationary for a long time if there is a lot of traffic on the intersecting road. The answer that says that you must wait for 5 seconds and then drive on is therefore wrong.

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