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How should you behave in this situation, with consideration to the black car?

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See these quotes from the Swedish Traffic Ordinance:

A driver who is entering a roundabout is obliged to give way to every vehicle that is already driving on the roundabout.

Drivers who have an obligation to give way must clearly show their intent to do so by, in good time, reducing their speed or stopping.

The obligation to give way does not only mean allowing another vehicle to pass; it also involves how you signal this. You could perhaps maintain the same speed and still have time to brake hard in order to avoid a collision, but the problem is that the black car has no way of knowing that you intend to brake. You must therefore signal your intention clearly, as stated in the law.

If you need to increase your speed, this suggests that you think that the black car is close to you. If a road-user to whom you have the obligation to give way is close to you, then you must reduce your speed, not increase it.

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