It is Friday at 17:00 and you want to park your car in this spot. Which of the following is true?

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Parking (E19)
The parking sign, E19, indicates that you can park for free for 24 consecutive hours, unless otherwise stated. 24 hours applies Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, days preceding a holiday, Sundays and holidays, you may park here with no time limit” (STR’s Vägmärken & vägmarkeringar [Road Signs & Markings], 6th Edition, page 20)

At the start of the weekend, the time count starts over, so the time when you park the car here is not relevant. On the Monday, the count starts at 24 new hours.

But will it not be at the longest until Tuesday if the count starts over?
– Yes, but the question does not ask about the longest period of time. All of the following statements are therefore correct:

  • The car can be parked there until Saturday.
  • The car can be parked there until Sunday.
  • The car can be parked there until Monday.
  • The car can be parked there until Tuesday.

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