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You want to change to the left-hand lane in order to overtake the vehicles ahead of you. Are you permitted to begin to change lanes at the point when the video ends?

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There is no requirement that you must drive in a certain lane for a certain amount of time. The situation is classed as a regular change of lanes:

A driver may only [...] change lanes [...] if it is possible to do so without causing a hazard or an obstruction to other road-users.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

You are also subject to the rules concerning the use of direction indicators:

Signals shall be given in good time before the intended manoeuvre is executed and shall be clearly visible and unambiguous. The giving of the signal shall end as soon as the manoeuvre is completed.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

The car ahead is not signalling any desire to overtake the lorries. (Even if the driver of the car ahead changes his/her mind, this does not prevent you from changing to the left-hand lane.)

The fact that you are approaching an openable bridge makes no difference.

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