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You intend to turn left. The road you intend to turn onto is entirely free of intersecting traffic. Which statement is true?

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Give way (B1)
The sign indicates that a driver is obliged to give way to a vehicle on the intersecting road”.

Run-through of the alternative answers:

  • I must stop before I can turn, because I have an obligation to stop.
    – Wrong. There is no Stop sign at this junction.

  • I must stop before I can turn, because the road I am turning onto is a priority road.
    – Wrong. You do not need to stop, because there is no Stop sign. It is, however, true that the road you are turning onto is a priority road (a sign is visible on the right-hand side, at the end of the video).

  • I am permitted to turn without stopping, because the question states that there is no intersecting traffic.
    – Correct. Because you have an obligation to give way and not an obligation to stop, you are permitted to drive on without stopping if there is no intersecting traffic.

  • I must find another route, because left-turns are prohibited.
    – Wrong. There is nothing in the video to suggest that you are not permitted to turn left.

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