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What is the first thing you should do if you arrive at the scene of an accident?

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Begin by surveying the scene of the accident and prioritising what should be done first.” (Driving Licence Book, 19th Edition, page 257)

What are the alternatives to surveying first?

  • Warn first – if it is a desolate road and the car in the accident is not dangerously positioned, you surely do not need to warn anyone? You therefore assess (survey) whether you need to warn anyone as your first action.
  • Call 112 first – the person answering will ask where the accident has occurred and how the injuries look. It is thus better to have these answers ready so that you do not say that three people are injured when it is actually seven.
  • Help/live-saving measures first – if you immediately attend to the first person you see, you maybe miss others with much more serious injuries. It is therefore best to survey the scene first.

This is general advice. Situations can of course arise where it is more appropriate to follow another order. As the question is generally posed (there are no special circumstances), you should assume that the general recommendations are correct.

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