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You intend to turn onto the road to the right, and there is a car 200 metres behind you. What should you be thinking about?

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A distance of 200 metres between you and the car behind is a large distance, considering the speed. You do not therefore need to be particularly concerned about the risk of collision from behind.

Run-through of the alternative answers:

  • Positioning my car on the verge before the turn.
    – Wrong. It is hard to see where the verge begins or ends, because of all the snow. You should not position any of your wheels in the snow, because this will increase the risk of you losing control of your car.

  • Braking as late as possible, and turning quickly and assertively.
    – Wrong. The turn appears to be very sharp, and there is also more snow on the road to the right. There is a major risk that you will lose control of your car if you turn in this manner.

  • Reducing my speed, and turning slowly and gently.
    – Correct. The lower speed and a slow turning manoeuvre will minimise the risks. If the car begins to skid due to a lack of grip, it will be much easier for you to regain control.

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