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You have rented a regular passenger car and have no goods loaded on the roof. Which assumption should you make?

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This question concerns basic knowledge of your vehicle. A regular passenger car has a height of around 1.5 metres. You would therefore need to stack 3 cars on top of each other in order to make contact with the overhead obstacle.

When you get into a car, you gain a general idea of its height. The average height of people in Sweden is just over 170 cm, which means that most people will be taller than the height of the car. If you are taller than the height of the car, you can easily conclude that the car will be able to pass beneath an overhead obstacle that has a height of 4.1 metres (410 cm).

You can also look for clues in the surrounding environment that will help you to estimate the height, such as buildings, doors and other vehicles.

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