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Which option is an example of environmentally friendly driving?

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Review of the options:

  • Very slow speed increase.
    – Wrong, while increasing speed the fuel consumption is high, as it requires power to increase speed.

  • Skipping gears.
    – Correct, in keeping with increasing speed quickly, which is helped by not running up through all the gears.

  • Driving in as low a gear as possible.
    – Wrong, low gears make the car more powerful, which requires more fuel. Less fuel is consumed by the high gears. (Low gears refers to a low number, fifth = high, first = low.)

  • Maintaining an engine speed of at least 3,000 rpm.
    – Wrong, the revs per minutes are to be kept under 3,000 rpm. Over 3,000 rpm can overload the catalytic converter.

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