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You intend to continue straight ahead. How should you position your vehicle when you pass the junction?

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The problem with position A is that you cannot know what may be concealed behind the corner at the junction. You have an obligation to give way, according to the priority-to-the-right rule.

Imagine if a bus approaches from the right, and you have positioned your vehicle at A. The bus would find it difficult to turn around you, as you would be in the middle of the road.

By keeping to the right (as in B), you will avoid this kind of problem. There is also support for position B in the Road Traffic Ordinance: “When driving on a road, the vehicle must be driven in the lane that is furthest to the right in the direction of travel”. A lane does not need to be marked. For a few metres before the junction, there is a lane on the right-hand side (route B), so you should position your vehicle there.

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