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There is no ‘Stop’ line. Are you still required to stop?

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The absence of a ‘Stop’ line does not invalidate the obligation to stop. There is even a specific sentence in the law that describes how to act in this situation:

A driver who has the obligation to stop [...] must stop at the Stop line. If there is no Stop line, the driver must stop [...] before driving onto the intersecting road.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

You must have good visibility when you stop. The ‘Stop’ sign is placed before the pedestrian crossing. If you stop before the ‘Stop’ sign, it appears that your line of sight to each side will be obscured by bushes. If you are not able to see anything, what would be the point of stopping?

Am I permitted to continue past the ‘Stop’ sign and stop a little further ahead?
– Yes. The law says that you must stop before “driving onto the intersecting road”. The law does not say that you must stop “before the Stop sign”. You must always make your own assessment about where it is best to stop in order to have the best view. Note that this only applies if there is no ‘Stop’ line.

Surely it can never be wrong to stop just before the ‘Stop’ sign?
– Actually it can! There will always be a point where it is too early to stop. If you cannot see anything to the sides, you have stopped too early.

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