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Are you permitted to turn left at this junction?

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The mandatory sign states that you are only permitted to drive straight ahead.

Direction to be followed (D1)
The sign indicates that the vehicle may only be driven in the direction of the arrow or, in the case of two arrows, in either arrow's direction. The symbol is adapted to the conditions of the location.

None of the alternative answers is true. The centre line is not continuous at the point of the turn, and there is no prohibition of vehicles on the road to the left. If you turn around further along the road and come back, you will be permitted to turn onto the road (which would then be a right-turn).

What is the reason for this?
– Presumably it is because the road you are travelling on is often very busy. This means that it could be difficult to turn left without having to stop and wait for a long time until there is a break in the oncoming traffic. This also means that you would be obstructing traffic behind you. In order to preserve the flow of the traffic, the decision has been made that those who wish to turn left must find an alternative route.

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