Driving licence test

There is a long queue and it is not possible to overtake. The car behind you is too close. How should you act?

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Review of the options:

  • Repeatedly tap the brake pedal in order to activate the brake lights.
    – Not good, this is an aggressive behaviour that may cause an accident.

  • Turn on the hazard warning lights.
    – Not good, creates confusion. The car behind will think that there is something wrong with your car and be even more eager to pass.

  • Decrease the distance to the vehicle in front of you.
    – Not good, you decrease your margin of safety and increase the risk of a multiple collision.

  • Increase the distance to the vehicle in front of you.
    – Good, you increase your margin of safety and decrease the risk of a multiple collision.

  • Ignore the car behind and only focus on what is in front of me.
    – Not good, even if you cannot control other drivers, you must take their actions into account. In this case by increasing you margin of safety.

Look behind you. If a vehicle is too close behind you in a que, you should increase the distance to the vehicle in front of you. Then you get a higher margin of safety.” (Trafikens grunder, page 171).

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There is also a driving licence book online (2024).

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