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Which is the most important reason for banning studded tyres?

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All the alternatives are true to some extent. However, the “most important reason”, which is what the question is asking for, is the health aspect:

The dangerous aspect is the impact on health [...] Particles in the outdoor air has a negative impact on our health. They irritate the airways and contribute to deteriorating different lung diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). […] If we reduce the proportion of studded tyres, it increases the conditions for a better air quality, health and quality of life. It probably also leads to lower medical costs.” (Swedish Transport Administration)

The background to the proposal is that the studded tyres, according to the government, increases the wear on the roads and thereby releases particles that are then inhaled by humans. This can in turn be linked to cardiovascular disease and other health issues linked to the airways.” (MHF)

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